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I can hear the rumble of the freight trains from two blocks away, sending ripples through the water of my startled goldfish.  One block to the east, the fire engines scream a steady song as they pass to and from … Continue reading

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I once had a love affair with socks. Striped socks, colored socks, socks with patterns and puppies and poofs. I requested socks for Christmas and birthdays, assuring my family that yes, I really did want socks, but more often than … Continue reading

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The Ohio night falls around 9pm in the summertime, and with the darkness comes the fireflies, hoards of them, glowing like stars in the blackness.  So many stars.  In Hawaii there are no fireflies, no dots of light in the … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Leaving

You never see a place quite the way you do when just arriving and right before leaving. 17 days and counting.  I’ve been in Hawaii four years, give or take.  A few months in Japan.  A few months back in … Continue reading

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A room of my own

After my parents separated, my dad moved to an apartment complex about 30 minutes away.  Although it was a one bedroom, I had my very own closet in which to keep my toys and books. On those weekends I visited … Continue reading

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My friendly neighborhood druggists

My preferred pharmacy is slightly inconvenient.  From my old dorm it was just a couple minutes walking, but since I moved on campus it’s become slightly out of my way.  No more picking up scripts on the way to the … Continue reading

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The Tale of Penny the Penguin

A year before I moved to Honolulu, on my first ever visit to the island, I attended the Hawaii State Fair with my older cousin Eesh.  Eesh was a pro at the games, but I was rather not, so taking … Continue reading

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