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I once had a love affair with socks. Striped socks, colored socks, socks with patterns and puppies and poofs. I requested socks for Christmas and birthdays, assuring my family that yes, I really did want socks, but more often than … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Leaving

You never see a place quite the way you do when just arriving and right before leaving. 17 days and counting.  I’ve been in Hawaii four years, give or take.  A few months in Japan.  A few months back in … Continue reading

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On Graduation

There’s this date that looms in my peripheral vision, steadily approaching, often menacing; graduation.  I try not to think of it it but at the same time it feels foolish to avoid.  I’ve been in college far too long, longer … Continue reading

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A room of my own

After my parents separated, my dad moved to an apartment complex about 30 minutes away.  Although it was a one bedroom, I had my very own closet in which to keep my toys and books. On those weekends I visited … Continue reading

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My friendly neighborhood druggists

My preferred pharmacy is slightly inconvenient.  From my old dorm it was just a couple minutes walking, but since I moved on campus it’s become slightly out of my way.  No more picking up scripts on the way to the … Continue reading

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Dear Diary

Some mornings I wake up groggy.  Some times I linger in dreams.  And some mornings I am pulled instantly from slumber by an urgent buzzing in my brain.  Things to do today.  No time for dawdling.  Things to do. Pajama … Continue reading

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The Tale of Penny the Penguin

A year before I moved to Honolulu, on my first ever visit to the island, I attended the Hawaii State Fair with my older cousin Eesh.  Eesh was a pro at the games, but I was rather not, so taking … Continue reading

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