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Big in Japan

I spent Independence Day plotting to leave the country. So maybe it’s not so dramatic.  And it was less plotting and more signing documents.  I have no ill will against the United States, nor must I leave under cover of … Continue reading

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“Sorry,” I panted as I climbed into the back seat.  “Last time I was here they didn’t have Uber.”   I’d just lugged my suitcase from lower level baggage claim to ground floor arrivals while my driver drove in circles around … Continue reading

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I Think It’s Time

I wonder if normal people worry this much. I’m standing at the mirror, staring at the gaping hole that used to be my second molar.  You can’t see really see it at all, and yet I still cover my mouth … Continue reading

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The Art of Dog Touristing

I have never been much of a conventional traveller. Sure, I’ve done the family vacations in Michigan and South Carolina, the school trips to Chicago and New York City; but even then, whenever I could, I’d break away from the … Continue reading

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I can hear the rumble of the freight trains from two blocks away, sending ripples through the water of my startled goldfish.  One block to the east, the fire engines scream a steady song as they pass to and from … Continue reading

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I once had a love affair with socks. Striped socks, colored socks, socks with patterns and puppies and poofs. I requested socks for Christmas and birthdays, assuring my family that yes, I really did want socks, but more often than … Continue reading

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Free Bird

My parents met in a band.   Mom was working lights at the time and my dad played rhythm and lead guitar.  He had long wavy hair; Mom said he looked like Robert Plant.  She calls him a brilliant guitarist, … Continue reading

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