Big in Japan


I spent Independence Day plotting to leave the country.

So maybe it’s not so dramatic.  And it was less plotting and more signing documents.  I have no ill will against the United States, nor must I leave under cover of darkness. But today is Independence Day, and today I accepted a job in Japan.

It has been a long time coming.

I was in the last days of my CELTA course when I began applying for teaching jobs.  We all had started looking, of course, but some of my classmates were looking closer to home, and one already had a job lined up in their home country.  I knew the application process would take longer since I was in the US.  To be honest, though, I hadn’t expected it to take months.  I haven’t talked to my former classmates.  I don’t know how their search is going.

My job starts in November.  Four months to save money, get in shape, figure out which possessions I love the most.   Ironically, my koto will probably stay behind.  It would be too complicated to move.  But maybe I’ll take my ukulele. To play at the park, so the neighbors don’t hear.

My cats will stay with my mom.  I’ll miss them.   Maybe I’ll get some fish, once I’m there.

I need to learn Japanese, but also, I need to learn the metric system.  And Celcius.  And 24-hour time.  There’s a lot to do.

I am going to Japan.

No, I am moving to Japan.

I am living in Japan.


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