On Mother’s Day

Me: Will you copy and paste that into a new email for me?
Mom: I don’t go in for that C and P crap.

It is not unusual for a mother and daughter to be at odds with one another, especially in the teenage years.  My mother and I had our own unique difficulties, but time and distance have allowed us to mature and grow to appreciate each other.  I speak to her daily on the phone, chatting inanely about my day, my schoolwork, activities with friends.  I email random photos of food or flowers or puppies.  In a way, she has become my best friend, the person I turn to for anything silly or serious.

Mom just called and woke me up, all worried, asking “How do you know if someone unfollowed you on Twitter?”

We still have our arguments, as families do.  She is the one I share most with, but she is also the one I vent my frustrations on; and yet I know that a cool off and genuine apology will smooth things over.  She is sometimes cranky with me in turn; I do not hold it against her.

Told mom to eat yogurt to counteract her antibiotics.
Her: “How about a burrito?”

Intentionally or not, she always makes me laugh.  A friend once commented, “I love how you make fun of your mom on Twitter!”   I protested.  “I’m not making fun of her!  I just sharing a funny thing she said!”  Mom is starting to catch on.  She’ll say something silly, I’ll laugh, and she’ll cry “Don’t you tweet that!”  I do anyway.  I’m not making fun of her; I just want other people to see why I enjoy talking to her so much.  And people reply, “I love your mom!”  “Your mom is awesome!”  I know she is.  I love her too.

Mom explaining to me how she ran over her Walkman.
Me: “Why would you open your door while driving?”
Mom: “It happens..”

Mom always tells us not to spend money on her for special occasions.  She disapproves of being bought flowers unless they’re on sale.   And so for Mothers Day, this blog is my present to you, Mom.


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