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Revisiting Ramen

A few days before my trip came to an end, my friend returned home to relieve me of my pet sitting duties.  We exchanged news, catching each other up on the going ons in Hawaii and Japan, respectively.  She was … Continue reading

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A Night in Harajuku

Twice I have visited Tokyo.  Each time I have travelled to and from alone, but each time I have spent a portion of my visits with friends.  It’s a nice balance, and especially by the end of my second, much … Continue reading

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The Tale of Penny the Penguin

A year before I moved to Honolulu, on my first ever visit to the island, I attended the Hawaii State Fair with my older cousin Eesh.  Eesh was a pro at the games, but I was rather not, so taking … Continue reading

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Another Wave

It was Thursday, March 10, 2011. I wasn’t really keeping my eye on Twitter, busy with other things. Chatting with my friends. Filling out forms for my summer study abroad in Kobe. Oh, Japan. My stomach still churns to think … Continue reading

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