Here again in Japan

I flew over on the upper deck of a 747, a first-time experience that I may have enjoyed more if I hadn’t had to lug my suitcase up that narrow flight of stairs.  The trip itself saw frequent turbulence to the point of constant announcements over the intercom, and both meals, while delicious, were made a bit more difficult when you were having to guard your drink and steady your spoon.  I arrived at Narita airport with a headache.

I always mean to take photos at the airport but it’s the sort of thing where I’m tired and being rushed along and never really get a chance to.  I made it through customs without issue and was only mildly lost in the search for my train.  It was a long journey with several transfers but the trains were never crowded, for which I, with my giant suitcase, was grateful.

My friend was waiting for me just outside my final station and we walked together to her apartment, her pointing out all the important sights.  Suburbs in Japan are so much different than the ones I’m used to; there were still great complexes of stores all about, and people everywhere walking and riding bikes.  The route to her place was through a narrow alleyway and yet there was nothing deserted or frightening about it.  We passed neon lights of stores and a plethora of vending machines, of which I’ve always had a fascination.

After getting settled in at her place we headed out with some friends to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant where most entrees were priced at 99 yen.  Whether in Japan or Hawaii I love conveyor belt sushi because I get to watch everything to past in order to decide what I felt like having.

The strangest item I ended up trying was a roast beef sushi dish, which I enjoyed so much that I took another plate.  Since then I’ve noticed roast beef sushi even in the grocery store, and it is something I may just try again before I leave.

The first time I came to Japan I was only here for six days.  My second visit is much longer, so I feel I have to pace myself, not only monetarily but also energy wise.  For the most part my aim isn’t to play tourist anymore; I’m quite content with wandering around the town I’m in, observing the day to day life.


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