Growing up, my brother was always accident-prone.  I was clumsy but lucky.  My brother fell off a cliff when he was ten and still has the scars.  I fell down a flight of stairs without a scratch.  My brother nearly burned down the kitchen when he was 14, and again, still has the scars.  I dropped a lit candle under my bed but managed to not catch anything on fire.

I have SophieLuck.  It’s not a major sort of luck.  I’ve never won the lottery, and actually growing up we were pretty miserable a lot of the time.  I’m not the sort of person that good things always happen to.  But I have had some amazing luck.  It’s not a dependable sort of luck, not the sort of thing I can hold out on, but it usually pulls through when I need it most.

SophieLuck is missing my flight to New York City to see my favorite band play, only to catch the next day’s show, where I would wind up running into the band outside and chatting for twenty minutes, complete with photographic proof.

SophieLuck is finding an apartment in less than a week when I needed to flee my crazy Aunt, and again when the short term arrangement with my Chinese parents ended.

SophieLuck is all the near misses and me without a scrape.

SophieLuck is the unexpected, the serendipitous, the things that make life living if only to see what’s going to happen next.

The plan had been to stay in Hawaii until August, until my savings ran out, and then head back to Ohio to attend school; and yet the longer I remained in Hawaii, the more it felt like the right place to be, and the more I dreaded returning to school.  And yet, I couldn’t stay, not with my savings rapidly depleting and my student loans looming on the horizon.

Not even a month after starting my temporary job with the Department of Health, I was contacted by someone else in a different department, asking to meet with me. Another data entry job in a separate branch as my current one, and they were wanting to hire me full-time with a potential toward becoming permanent once my 90-day Temporary Hire had expired.

A few days before I’d been joking with my best friend about how much fun I’d been having, about how it would be really nice if I could stay in Hawaii, but it was just so expensive and the only way that would happen would be if a magical job were to fall into my lap.


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