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I remember the silence. I know there were bangs and shouts and thunder and screams, but I remember the silence, the stillness of black skies and white snow and that space between time when you’re neither yesterday nor tomorrow, neither … Continue reading

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Growing up, my brother was always accident-prone.  I was clumsy but lucky.  My brother fell off a cliff when he was ten and still has the scars.  I fell down a flight of stairs without a scratch.  My brother nearly … Continue reading

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Tree People

Throughout most of my teenage years, my family ran a shop out of the front room of our house.  In the springtime we sold flowers; fruits and vegetables in the summer; in the fall we’d have pumpkins; and in the … Continue reading

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At this very moment I’m sitting in a hotel in Portland, Oregon.  I arrived early this morning, having taken the red eye out the night before, and by all accounts I ought to be exhausted, I ought to be passed … Continue reading

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Chinese Mom

A month after arriving in Hawaii, I moved out of my aunt and uncle’s house and into the apartment of an older Chinese couple whose son had gone away to college. I was renting his bedroom. It was small but … Continue reading

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