I never had a deep spiritual connection with Hawaii.  It wasn’t someplace I dreamed of moving to.  It wasn’t even someplace I thought much of visiting. Truth be told, for the majority of my life, I knew very little about Hawaii, except that it was an island.  And they made Chocolate Covered Macadamia nuts.

My Aunt moved to Hawaii before I was born.  She’d been stationed there, fell in love with a local, had children.  They visited once or twice, but mostly I knew them through letters and packages that would arrive once or twice a year.  This was how my love affair with all things Sanrio started, way before Hello Kitty had hit mainstream, I’ll have you know.  I had my own Hello Kitty chopsticks which I could use since the age of seven.

I never thought I would actually get a chance to visit Hawaii.  In my mind it was my vague far off destination that must cost a fortune to visit.  At one point in time I did add it to my birthday list, along with such grandious wishes as a piano (which, to be fair, I did eventually get). But it wasn’t one of those things I expected to actually happen.

Somehow going away to college opened the door to travel for me.  I got a little taste of it from a school trip to Chicago and it became addictive.  I was endlessly looking for an excuse to travel, from concerts to conventions, and always watching the web for good deals.  And then it occured to me that I had family in Hawaii, the destination everyone dreamed of.

I jumped on it.  Through a series of patience and luck, I managed to find roundtrip airfare from Cincinnati to Honolulu for less than $500.  In May of 2007, I would be spending two weeks in Hawaii.

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  1. I love the way you write, Sophie.

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